Traveler reviews for Bayon VIP from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh

Tim Sothea almost 3 years

Good. But hard to contact to PP branch

Fred almost 3 years

Inspector and Overall: I don't know what is it

SJ almost 3 years

Driver drove quite fast but was usually careful. One customer kept wanting to drop off items along the road to friends, even though this VIP bus shouldn't have so many stops. Driver negotiated with this customer tactfully. Air con didn't work at the start

Bo almost 3 years

Max almost 3 years

Worst bus ride ever! 4 people squeezed into the back seat bench for 5 hours. Driver was constantly speeding, honking and squeezing through the traffic. Driver turned the AC off after asking to lower the temperature. I really wonder what VIP stands for?!

Luna almost 4 years

There was a lot of noise on all of the trip: music and loud talk from the driver and some of the passengers. The driver drove very fast and we felt a bit insecure.

Aire over 4 years

0 communication with the driver. No English at all. We stopped on the way and I haven't been informed why and for how long. Took us 2h longer. My stuff was chucked on the ground when we arrived. The worst trip ever, Same with a service.