Traveler reviews for Nattakan from Bangkok to Phnom Penh

Fenny almost 2 years

Mot about 2 years

The bus is clean and spacious. The driver and staff are friendly, they give a clear instructions to walk to both immigration. This is a direct bus from Bangkok to Phnom Penh, you don't need to worry about changing bus.

Boven Hoeurm about 2 years

Adam over 2 years

1.) The drivers stole our money, charging six Westerners almost $80 for an otherwise $30 visa. 2.) The drivers changed out of uniform upon crossing into Cambodia and picked up numerous private passengers and pocketing the money, making us three hours lat

Zj Adto over 2 years

The time schedule was totally different than the arrival time. Online schedule says, 12 hours trip but the bus arrived very late. From 12 hours to almost 20 hours trip. It's a nightmare.

Kim over 2 years

The staff were kind even if they didn't speak English. The food provided was also okay. You will use same bus for entire the journey. Leave your heavy baggage in the bus and go for immigration! :) It makes trip easy and convenient. Thanks !

Juliette BEAUMONT over 2 years


Angela Brickell almost 3 years

Very helpful bus staff, especially at the POI Pot border crossing. I would have been confused otherwise. Also liked it that they gave out food & drink

Mark Von Parker almost 3 years

This trip took much longer than advertised. Instead of 12 hours it was almost 17. Not good at all!

Anonymous about 3 years