Traveler reviews for Cambodia Post VIP Van from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

Kris over 1 year

Very fast and punctual. Thanks!

PPSR over 1 year

Usually took this van because it's fast and efficient. This time, driver stopped 1) for gas, 2) for snacks, 3) for toilet, 4) for lunch. Took 6 hours when it should have taken 4.5 or 5. Also changing dept time from 7am to 8am the night before is not ideal

Alex over 1 year

Good cheap transport. Leaves on time and is reliable. Driver was kind to non-khmer speakers. Stops at public toilets reasonably often. Good pick up and drop off locations.

The US Travelers over 1 year

The driver was great! And trip was great, it’s fun sitting in front.

Jota over 1 year

Good, but too many stops without explanation. As a tourist I felt kinda lost (should I get out? Are we having lunch? Etc)

P over 1 year

The bus left around 10-15 mins late. The drive was fast but not smooth - highs and lows of speed. Stopped at 2 places for food - one looked unhygienic and the other one was isolated restaurant in the middle of nowhere and was super expensive for bad food

Tomas over 1 year

LENSA over 1 year

David almost 2 years

Left on time and arrived on time. Driver was friendly and drove safely. Two stops en route for food and loos. All worked very well, would definitely use again.

Barbara Haddock almost 2 years

Great service, will use them again.