Traveler reviews for Virak Buntham from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh

Jennifer over 2 years

My reservation was not taken into account. The office couldnt find my reservation. Luckily, they found 2 places for us on the next and last one. Worst places on the bus, at the rear. Couldnt sleep as there was air con leaking and too much noise

Tahira almost 3 years

The driver and inspector only know a little of english, it's hard to converse with them if you need anything, even just water. They're really not very accommodating. The airconditioning in the bus is bad. We were sweating in the middle of the night

Ponleu about 3 years

The bus is not non smocking, badly smock in the bus. Staff is really really impolite at all. :( No more us the bus any more.