Traveler reviews for TCT Mondulkiri Express from Mondulkiri to Phnom Penh

Kuba almost 2 years

Good as usual. Comfortable Ford van with AC. Departed and arrived on time. Driving was decent, nothing crazy. Best option for Mondulkiri.

Greg almost 2 years

Very friendly staff at TCT's offices in Sen Monorom and Phnom Penh. Relaxed and concentrated driver from Sen Monorom to Phnom Penh. Arrival in Sen Monorom was always late, so maybe plan a bigger buffer between arrival and departure at Sen Monorom.

Lisou about 2 years

Bon voyage. Avons toutefois changé de bus 2 fois, sans savoir pourquoi, donc un peu de perte de temps. Personne ne nous a rien expliqué

Awful ride over 2 years

Our Mini van was 1.20 hour late, it was very old and unconfortable Driver was driving like a maniac and dropped us of in the middle of nowhere, 3km away from the bus station.

Old bus, big delay over 2 years

Bus from senmonorom departed half an hour late. Then stopped 6 Times to let people on board. Arrived 2 hours later than planned and that for a 5,5 hout trip. Virak is much better optioneel for this trip. New bus and punctual

Austin over 2 years

Can't really fault these guys, we left on time and arrived on time. The driving standard I would say is very similar to other bus companies we have used here in Cambodia, on the edge but got us there in one piece.

Thanks over 2 years

Kris almost 3 years

Rose about 3 years

Journey not great. Bus so packed with boxes etc, was nowhere for my legs which was very uncomfortable; aisle was full so if had been an accident we would be trapped. Also driver drove very fast on wet roads on wrong side of road on his phone; I was scared

Won't use this company again about 3 years

The drive drove very fast and overtook cars on curves during torrential rain. There were many stops along the way with many delays. We sat in seats 3 & 4 and were blocked in by large packages. We couldn't get out at the rest areas due to the boxes.