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Are you a traveling blogger? Do you own any of the traveling blogs, OTA websites, or mobile applications?

Join BookMeBus Affiliate Program to refer your traffic and earn every time they book transportation in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

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Why Join BookMeBus Affiliate Program?


60+ Operators, 300+ Routes

Across Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos

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Easily Assess Content Impact

Our Affiliate Dashboard help you track your content performance


Wide Integration Choices

Backlinks, Banner, Widget & API


Favorable Commission Rate

Competitive Rate for bus, ferry, and taxi

Access to the affiliate control panel, analyze the activity generated by the users referred and measure the conversion. Convert readers into customers. As an affiliate, you will receive a commission for each ticket sold through your website.


How the Integration Works


Register and Get Your Referral ID

Apply and get approval within 3 business days.


Choose Your Type of Integration

We offer full choices of integrations accordingly to your brand/website


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Start writing or link your existing contents


Start Earning

Tracking your earnings through our affiliate report in real-time

BookMeBus Affiliate tools

For Bloggers

After joining BookMeBus affiliate program, you can use three types of integration choices.

BookMebus search form widget

A set of ready-made banners of different sizes

BookMeBus-Widget Banner


For OTA Websites and Mobile Applications

Keep visitors on your website or app by utilizing our API.



BookMeBus Affiliate Program enables you to partner with Cambodia’s number-one online travel ticket booking platform. You can leverage our brand to enhance traffic to your travel blog, website, OTA, etc., and add additional income to your revenue stream by referring to our website.
We have several integration choices at your convenience - backlinks, banners, widgets, and API. The API connection is available to large traffic OTA websites or apps upon approval. Click here for the instruction of each setup.
We provide competitive rates for all transportation options available on our site. We also offer commission rate increase when sales from your traffic reach certain thresholds. The more ticket sales you generate, the higher the commission rate you receive. We also apply the Cookies policy for 30 days, which means that traffic from your referral have a higher chance to convert multiple times within those 30 days.
You will be paid on a monthly basis which is on the 15th of the following month after you start the affiliate program with BookMeBus. At your beginning of affiliate program, the minimum threshold for the commission to be settled is USD 50 by request the payment transfer by sending an email to Payment shall be made through PayPal transfer while the two parties agree to share the transaction fee half each. For the large volume of traffic, our accountant will send the monthly report for verification before settling the commission fee.
We offer an affiliate dashboard to track your successful referral and check how much you have earned. Via your referral ID, it will allow you to track the sale from the traffic you refer to us. The affiliate report also enables you to track which content or page performance so that you can continue to optimize your content. To see that, please follow the steps below:
  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on Account Settings → Affiliate Dashboard
  3. Click on Affiliate Report