Traveler reviews for Mey Hong Bus

Traveller 5195 1 day

Traveller 105201 6 days

Traveller 100782 7 days

I do not know the name of the driver 7 days

My ride from PNP-SR was not so satisfied. There were few times which the bus almost bumped to another truck.

Jim 8 days

More comfortable than the so called VIP minibuses.and just as fast. And cheaper too.

Phallin Khmom 13 days

Nhem Aronsousdey 14 days

Nhem Aronsousdey 14 days

Ranuth Yun 15 days

I still wondering why the driver keep picking up passenger on the way? How much he actually get as a company driver and stry starving for own profit of the company? He pick up them while he has no seats remains & let them sit on the walking way. Bullshit

Yim Sreypor 18 days