About Us

About BookMeBus

BookMeBus is one of the leading bus ticket booking systems in Cambodia. To learn about BookMeBus in a nutshell, the company is one of the successful start-ups in Cambodia, and has been featured in several conferences, online articles, and it mainly offers online ticketing for bus travelers mainly in Cambodia.

The Inspiration

BookMeBus’ founder, Langda Chea, is no stranger to the hassles of securing a seat on a bus in Cambodia. Known for being a country one can easily travel around by bus, Cambodia’s main method of transportation across provinces is by bus. So it is no surprise that during holidays, travelers can barely even manage to get on a bus, let alone travel in comfort.

Through his experience, Langda was inspired to create an online ticketing portal that would initially display the bus companies’ departure schedules and other information. As his idea grew, it soon allowed passengers both local and international to search for routes, and book bus tickets. A variety of payment options soon became available, and the passengers who booked bus tickets via BookMeBus had the advantage of using e-tickets and m-tickets.

BookMeBus Growth and Success

BookMeBus was conceptualized in 2013, and has since then grown not only in popularity but also in size. While founder, Langda, was the initial employee in his start up, he has now approximately 10 people under his employ.

With this, Langda hopes that the growth will be steady, despite its detractors. For a start-up, BookMeBus not only helps travelers but also young, aspiring Cambodians to believe in their capabilities. And it has opened more job opportunities for the youth as well.

As BookMeBus continues to grow, more and more bus companies are looking to support the start-up and work together in providing the best travel experience that travelers can hope for, which all starts with purchasing the bus tickets.

The Vision

In the long run, BookMeBus aims to be the first choice for travelers within the next five years. BookMeBus aims to provide travelers and operators with cost-effective means of making travel bookings at every corner.