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Approx. Distance 335 km

Kratie Travel Information

Most notable for the dolphins who make their homes along a stretch of the Mekong River, the province of Kratie is a charming little town in eastern Cambodia. Although the dolphin inhabitants, known as the Irrawaddy dolphins, are the main draw for travelers to make their way out east to Kratie, the town is full of interesting French and Khmer style architecture, bustling villages, and lush surrounding islands.

Things to do in Kratie

It is understood why so many people think of Kratie as a tranquil and spiritual place once they climb to the top of the mountain called Phnom Sambok. Accompanied by an incredible view, visitors can explore a temple, monastery, and meditation center full of monks living their daily lives. The huge reclining Buddha and pagoda atop the mountain overlooking the city makes it a serene sight to see.

The Irrawaddy dolphins, considered sacred to the Khmer people, run between a village just north of Kratie called Kampi, all the way up the Mekong into Laos. For travelers looking to spot the dolphins up close and personal, a short boat ride to the village of Kampi for around $7 will give you a lovely hour-long experience. The best time to visit is in the afternoon when it is cooler and the dolphins are feeding and more active. While you’re out there, travel just a few more kilometers out to the town of Sambor to explore a beautiful pagoda and turtle conservation center.

The province of Kratie is also an excellent jump off point to explore the three-kilometer island named Koh Trong. Unusual for some of the more heavily touristic islands of Cambodia, Koh Trong is a clean, lush island full of beautiful villages, making it the perfect place to rent a bike and ride around the island and learn about Cambodian culture.

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