Traveler reviews for KHAI NAM

Stef 11 days

Michael K. about 1 month

I missed this bus due to coming late with another bus. Guys had no understanding so had to pay another ticket even when next bus was half empty.

Damiano Dario about 1 month

The driver didn't wait for me to finish the procedure for the Visa. He left me and another passenger at the border between Vietnam and Cambodia, departing without us!

Lee about 1 month

Please everyone don't ride this bus. I need to Visa in Cambodia That's why I can apply for visa in border line of Cambodia. However driver don't wait foreign traveler. I don't know why he doesn't wait for us. Always ignored us when we tell something.

Jean Claude Aber about 2 months

The bus was dirty but overall good service, great value for money and helpful staff.

Jean Claude Aber about 2 months

The service was on time and staff was very helpful, but the bus was a bit dirty.

Philippines about 2 months

Hesitant at first but still booked the bus because of their time slot. No regrets at all. Thank you. 👍🏾

unhappy customer about 2 months

Not friendly to tourist and not on time. They dropped off our bags when I went out during one of the stops to pee and, without warning and just left us there in the middle of a city we were not familiar with.

Traveller 43209 2 months

Jay 3 months

I requested an E visa. The inspector got me a tourist visa. I'm perfectly capable of filling out my own visa application. Your service is backward and stupid. I won't be returning with Khainam again.