Traveler reviews for Virak Buntham

Traveller 82866 15 minutes

Nun Daro 4 days

Traveller 124384 9 days

Y 15 days

I want bus company to change lunch place. Previous Restaurant was good. But unfortunately, they changed place. I'm not satisfied on current restaurant. It was not clean, not delicious, but expensive.

Tom 15 days

Traveller 104851 17 days

Need to check system clearly before booking to customer.

Mini Van Phnom Penh Siem Reap 19 days

we had book 3 front seats, and it was already sold. We were seat at the back with a very small seat. No choice. Or we need to take another bus. Not comfortable for 6hours.

Pakrigna 19 days

The operation staff at Kg Cham provided me&my wife a bad service. We arrived the station at 10:40am, the staff told us to change our seat (we agreed). After waiting for nearly 1 hour, she asked us again to change our departuretime but we refused(argument)

Traveller 49140 19 days

SOY YADA 22 days