Traveler reviews for Virak Buntham from Siem Reap to Bangkok

Jonf7942 about 3 years

Even though I made an internet reservation, I had to go to the company and get a seat again. There is no reason to book online. I'd rather go directly to the company and make a reservation.

WP over 3 years

The seats were broken, the bus broke down 1 hour away from Bangkok. The drivers did not speak English. There weren't many decent food stops. Our bus from siem Reap to Bangkok was supposed to be 12 hours but it ended up being 17. TAKE A FLIGHT NOT THE BUS!

Carlo over 3 years

All the seats in the right side of the bus are too compressed! There's not even space to put your feet in the ground. It is so unfair because we paid the same price like everyone else yet we had to sit in a very incomfortable position!

Isabelle almost 4 years

The bus arrived an hour and a half late. Both of our seats were broken. Employees told us misleading instrutions at border. And we've been dropped off in the middle of a busy street!!! We should have took the plane instead. I dont recommand it at all.