Traveler reviews for Larryta Express from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

Great service, prompt arrival, great experience about 3 years

Absolutely top notch trip - only possible complaint was the restroom cleanliness at the first stop, but the company itself went above and beyond with a courteous driver, early arrival, and amenities at the drop off point. Highly recommend them.

K T Aung about 3 years


Blahblah about 3 years

Safe ride, our phnom penh - siem reap trip was just 5 hours. liked the fact the driver makes safe the bus is kept clean by not allowing strong-smelling foods onboard.

Starbuck about 3 years


Clair about 3 years

The driver was very friendly and drove safely. We arrived in good time. Overall, pretty good.

Sanja Korlaet over 3 years

Easy ride, safe driving, we had couple of stops for toilet and food and arrived safe and sound after 5 1/2 hours. Good job!

Soneang over 3 years