Traveler reviews for Cambodia Post VIP Van from Battambang to Phnom Penh

pambodia almost 3 years

I don't know why the bus was nearly 2 hours late, but it probably had something to do with it being a holiday week. In spite of it being late, the ride was comfortable, fast, but safe. We will ride it again.

Chantrea Sngoun almost 3 years

Vuthy almost 3 years

No comment!

Cintia almost 3 years

I was trying to think in a word to describe this company and I couldn't think in another one than DISASTER. We showed up in time and the van not only didn't show up but the company office was closed too. Van never showed up and we had to changed company.

Alright about 3 years

Depart Time says 10am but van didn't show up until 1130pm.

Thyryfong Savat about 3 years