Traveler reviews for Virak Buntham from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

James over 2 years

KUNGKEA SENG almost 3 years


Maria Vincent almost 3 years

The journey itself wasnt terrible but we had $300 stolen from our bag which is what has really ruined our experience with Virak Bunthy and we won't be using them ever again. We have since discovered they have an awful reputation for thefts on journeys.

Moes almost 3 years

Overall was good. Got us from a to b, no problem. And 20 minutes early

Emily almost 3 years

The van driver was polite and helpful. We left on time and arrived early. The van was comfortable and cool. All in all, this was a pleasant ride and I would use Virak Buntham van service again.

Leisha almost 3 years

Fast, clean, comfortable and pretty good music during the trip.

Luna almost 3 years

Yuliana Ayuningtyas about 3 years

They change my seat number from 9A to 7A. But after i got my bed. Someone told me that 7A is his bed. I told them that the officer change my seat number. N driver already take my ticket. N they ask me to change the seat. To upside. Wtf

Well service and comfortable about 3 years

But it reached very early, by right 6-7hour journey stated on the website, reached 4.30am, not punctual, over all is good

Sarah about 3 years

Was what I expected. But I was put at the back of the bus in a smaller bed. Next to the air-con machine which gave out heat. I expected the dirty beds and long ride, but the bus broke down and air-con turned off, so a long stopover.