Traveler reviews for CTT Transportation from Kampot to Phnom Penh

JJ over 2 years

Polite and on time with wide experience

Geert Henau about 3 years

Van booked for 5pm. Xed and put with 3 pm van in a small car. Not informed about change and lucky to be early. Driver excellent. arrival in PP inspector smashed front door on my fingers. Only laughing! Asking responsability went, n said i do not know you

Suck about 3 years

Because CTT didn't pick me up. So I have to find other transportation to be back home.

Imke about 3 years

The bus which should pick me up at 5PM never arrived cause it was broken. After 1 1/2h a shared taxi arrived - the arranged alternative. It picked up 3 locals on the way; the driver couldn't speak a word English; drop off was not correct(more outside city

BB about 3 years

The bus was 1h late, without any information about the ETA. We just had to wait without any information. The seat arrangement in the van was different than the one online, so the seats we booked did not exist in that van. The driving was alright.

Wu over 3 years

The bus was late for almost one hour and we didn’t get the seats we booked.

Zoe de Melo over 3 years

The bus was 40 minutes late and then there was no sit for me as the same ticket had been sold twice. So I took a shared taxi instead, and left an hour late.

Anne over 3 years

The bus was almost an hour delayed, acceptable given Chinese New Year. Nonetheless, the seats we reserved were already occupied. We got two seats in the front row, however one person got left behind (possibly booked on an alternative bus)...

Danael Paulhac over 3 years

I reached the boarding point 1 hour before departure and waited there for 3 hours. The bus never showed up ... I tried to get a refund but CTT Transportation never responded to my mails or my phone calls ! Very bad experience 0/20

There was 30 minutes of delay (we left Kampot 30 minutes after). The rest was very good. over 3 years