Traveler reviews for Speed Ferry Cambodia from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong Saloem

Ivan Martins almost 2 years

With a little delay, but nothing in special. Sea trip comfortable and easy. Thanks

Julie almost 2 years

Ferry process well organised and left on time. We were the last stop at Saracen Bay on Samloeum Koh Ring which took 1 hr 45 mins. Not a problem but much longer than advertised.

Dorothea about 2 years

The ferry left Koh Rong Samloen 1 hour late. The people at the pier didn't inform about the delay. It's just normal. Most of the time the trip is much longer than 1 hour.

Jessica over 2 years

Francisco Garcia Acien over 2 years

Alex Breedt over 2 years

I've read a lot of bad reviews, but I must admit that we haven't had any problems at all. Yes it is a bit chaotic at the pier and the staff doesn't speak English, but our trip back and forth was safe and right on time. No complaints at all!

Richard Blackmore over 3 years

Excellent service and a fun, fast crossing over bumpy seas. Everyone had fun!