Traveler reviews for Cambodia Post VIP Van from Kep to Phnom Penh

Traveller 35013 over 1 year

The ride was decent. I hate when they stop to pick people up along the way. Why don't these people meet at the pickup spots and quit making everyone else be inconvenienced...that's irritating! Many people complain about this, but they don't seem to care!!

Traveller 47794 over 1 year

Traveller 47794 over 1 year

This ride from Kep to Phnom Penh was overall okay. It was punctual and air conditioned. However as we went with Cambodia post we had to make several stops at post offices and were forced to take long and VERY bumpy back roads to get there

Elena over 1 year

The driver was bot poliet, wanted me to repkace my baggage by myself on the stops, when he needed to get something in his baggage. His driving was roude. Many passangers have got carsick. No water, he used it by himself.

Scott over 1 year

Easy fast trip. We even left early as I was the only passenger.

Cristina over 1 year

Good van, good driver, punctual departure. From Kep to PPenh it was full of road works so the first part of the trip was very bumpy. The second part of the trip we were stuck in traffic and were two hours late on arrival, recommend morning bus

CR over 1 year

Left on time, however the driver stopped several times during our trip to pick up and drop off hitchhikers alongside the road as the bus was not 100% full. The trip was uncomfortable due to the roads, traffic and local pick-ups but the van is comfortable

Luisa over 1 year

My best minivan experience in Cambodia. Friendly, punctual, comfortable. The driver wasn't loud, he offered toilet stops but didn't stop too often, he drove safely but quickly and passed other cars efficiently. Comfortable/reclining seats.

Frederic Henri gilbert MUCCIOLO ROUX over 1 year

Josef over 1 year

Friendly driver with drinks,food. Headache after this bumby road. At the postoffice in kep, no one knows about if the bus will arrive or has already left, contactnr. wasn't helpfull. But bus picked us up on time, drop off was late because traff