Traveler reviews for Cambodia Post VIP Van from Phnom Penh to Kampot

Rikkert almost 2 years

Best transport in Cambodia

Traveller 48597 almost 2 years

Mr. Bruno almost 2 years

Highway Nr.3 its a great building site at the moment! Driver give all for safe trip...

Jo almost 2 years

On time. As comfortable as you can get. The road is bumpy and roadworks are constant, but the driver made the ride as smooth as possible.

S almost 2 years

There was no wifi and we arrived over an hour late, having stopped 3-4 times in between. Aircon seemed to be off for the 2nd half of the trip (Phnom Penh-Kampot). But all in all it was ok since the van wasn't full.

Rijk almost 2 years

The bus left on time! But because of a lot of traffic we arrived 1 hour later then scheduled. Driver was really good.

Dave about 2 years

The roads were absolutely treacherous between PP and Kampot! Worst in SE Asia so far for sure. The driver was great and navigated well and safely. I was near the front. Wouldn’t hesitate to use these guys again over some of the other death trap companies

AL about 2 years

Trip took 5 hours (not 3), not because of bad roads but because we took the longest route possible and went through Takeo, Kep and then Kampot (Kampot was supposed to be first). Wifi did not work. I DO NOT recommend taking this company/route.

L Nelson about 2 years

Minivan departed on time. Reasonably comfortable. Adequate toilet breaks. Last few miles very bumpy over a road that had been damaged in the rainy season. Could not comment on inspector, as I don't remember seeing one.

monika flueckiger about 2 years

punctuality, it was not the fault of the company, to much trafic on the route, bevsuse the first day holiday in phnom phen