Traveler reviews for K.S.O Transport Co. Ltd from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

The reviewer you can trust almost 2 years

No snacks/wifi/water. Someone got away with putting a bicycle in the asle between the seats. Making it difficult to get through. The bus was 1h late and it also left the station 20min early. Let too many people on. Great driver though.

Erika Majer almost 2 years

Bus was undersubscribed, so they've arranged for us to be transported to another bus free of charge. The other bus left about 45 minutes after the originally planned time, but still arrived in Siem Reap almost on schedule.

Korb Sokoam about 3 years

Bus comes very late

Korb Sokoam about 3 years

Korb Sokoam about 3 years

Pestel angelique over 3 years