Traveler reviews for PSD Xpress from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh

Gerardo Villarreal about 3 years

The bus was not really luxurious , it was only 4 passengers but driver stopped along the road to pick up locals , which is supposedly not allowed with this bus company. Driver was driving at a safe speed and we arrived before estimated arrival time.

Anonymous about 3 years

Excellent service and comfortable seats. There were a few movies playing throughout the trip, but the volume was not too loud and easily ignored.

Tina over 3 years

Unexpectedly good!

ChrisWade over 3 years

This was an excellent service and I would highly recommend it to anyone

Gerard almost 4 years


Kwan S.K. almost 4 years

In general, the service was very good e.g. Seating comfortably, driving safely, ahead of scheduling, tuktuk arrangement at drop-off point.....