Traveler reviews for Cambodia Post VIP Van from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh

Belinda over 1 year

Seat is generally comfortable. Bus is punctual.

Molly over 1 year

Passenger over 1 year

The drive was very bumpy and the driver made no effort to slow over bumps. There were very abrupt stops approaching other vehicles. We were dropped off 2km from said drop off point and forced to pay very expensive remuk prices.

ZXZ over 1 year

Driver drove too fast, several hard braking

Isabella over 1 year

Absolutely worst drive of my life!!! Driver was a very aggressive driver, went WAY over the speed limit, constantly honking the horn of other cars! Never felt more unsafe in my life!!!!! Hope everyone else get a better driver!

Frequent traveller first time by van over 1 year

Excellent service. On time. We had just enough time to eat and get in with our journey. Driver made us felt safe and secured. Highly recommend.

Leny Keo over 1 year

Good drive and safe. What is not good is have few stop to get a customer along the way. It take short time but plus two more restaurant. Overall is good and safe.

Jakob over 1 year

Overall comfortable , good driver!

Peter almost 2 years

Friendly, relaxed, efficient and safe trip.

Rob almost 2 years

Transfer with Cambodian Post Mini Van. Left right on time. Responsible driver. Comfortable AC Mini Van. Got a little crowded because of 3 stops along te way, picking up more people. But never uncomfortabel. Smooth 5 hours transfer. Can recommend.