Traveler reviews for Nattakan from Bangkok to Siem Reap

Rachel Smith over 2 years

It is written in the bus station in Bangkok free tuktuk service to our hotel in SR. Our driver dropped us at our hotel, and asked for money because we did not book a tour in Angkor with him. Awkward situation, he asked for 100 THB we only had 40 THB left.

Peter over 2 years

Bus was ok and operated by Transport Co. Drinks & snacks were provided at beginning and later a simple lunch. Shortly before border a man selling Visa Express service entered the bus, but after "no,thanks" he did not bother me. Border crossing was smooth.

Dominique over 2 years

Bus was on time, clean, the food was good. I would recommend but be aware of scams. They stop 5km from the border saying you can get your visa faster here - their price is $15 more (which they don’t tell you). Don’t take the tuktuks they offer for free.

Stela over 2 years

The bus was supposed to be without scam, but IT IS A LIE. Someone not from the company entered the bus 1h before the thai border and ask everyone $35 to take care of the visa. DO NOT DO IT! It is faster and cheaper by yourself. Also bus and food were bad.

Fabio over 2 years

Excellent service. Lunch was provided. Arrived earlier than expected. Will definitely ride with them again.

Carlos Ponce over 2 years

Good service. We were taken care of and everything was fine.

Great Experience! over 2 years

We made it from Bangkok to Siem Reap in a total of 8 hours.... which was 2 hours ahead of schedule! The seats had a foot rest and reclined about 75%. They provided a small breakfast and lunch which was unexpected! I would recommend them!

Kassandra Bowers over 2 years

We left and arrived on time. The company even gave us complimentary tuk-tuk rides to our hotels. This bus went right through to Cambodia from Thailand and we didn't need to change buses. Have visa money with you though and they organise the visa for you.

Jim & Stephanie almost 3 years

Good journey, all fine at border crossing, though would have been helpful if bus staff could have given out more information. Nice snacks provided

Stephanie Downey almost 3 years

Prompt helpful response from booking team