Traveler reviews for KUMHO SAMCO from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh

Gilles over 1 year

Excellent. I set only 4 stars at accommodation, because five star goes to their new, super luxury buses. Just amazing with 1+2 seats per row, with lots of space for the legs. This is the best company on PNH-SGN route.

Mohd Kamil Mohd Yusof almost 2 years

Great hospitality but actually i dont get seat i booked. Fortunately there are empty seat so i managed to hop on the bus.

Ivan over 2 years

The driver pressed the signal every 10 seconds. Tired of this.

Ruth Gee over 2 years

Need to give people information when bus stops. We had no idea if we were stopping for toilet break or food and had no idea how long we had. A script in English held up and shown to travlers is all that is necessary.