Traveler reviews for Ekareach Express from Phnom Penh to Kampot

Kevin over 1 year

Everything was fine. We will book again if we need.

Ok service, but stopped four times...why? over 1 year

Journey took four hours, it’s not the fastest road granted,but I was a little confused as to why the driver would race like a lunatic then stop for a break while all the cars he overtook then went past again.Did he need to stop for a break more than once?

Alice over 1 year

Bus was modern, clean and a good temperature - a very comfortable journey. We arrived a little late due to major road works but the driver did very well despite the road conditions. WiFi was not working though

Jenny almost 2 years

We left on time. Made the trip in 3.5 hours . Extremely rough trip due c to condition of road, but felt the drive handled the conditions add best add possible.

Lo almost 2 years

Good trip although the last 25km into Kampot are horrendous because of the state of the roads. Wifi in the van wasn't working.

Cambodiabound almost 2 years

The ride was an experience. Driving in Cambodia is different than in NA, so passing on blind corners or when a truck is coming at you or when there are motos in the other lane isn’t an issue here. Some passings made us nervous, but overall it was fine.

Azreeyah almost 2 years

The trip was smooth. The bus is on time. Seat is comfortable, air conditioner is working good. Seatbelt is available for all the passenger. Thanks!

Kakada Chheang almost 2 years

Seat space is a bit tiny and uncomfortable, driver drives over the speed limitation, won't recommend at all.

Irresponsible driver almost 2 years

Okay company. But the driver drove very irresponsible and kept talking on the phone very loud.

Sarah about 2 years

I have traveled to Kampot multiple times with this Company and it’s been great. This time however was not the same, we stopped about 6 times before even leaving Phnom Penh and the driver was very abrupt and made some careless decisions.