Traveler reviews for Mekong Express from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh

Good service! almost 3 years

Disappointed almost 3 years

The condition of the bus was very old and air conditioning is like not working well. It was hot and make my whole journey so uncomfortable. The seats are small and there’s not much leg space too. The free wifi was not really able to be connected.

Crowe almost 3 years

Everyone was friendly, full of smiles and consideration. Bus driver honked a lot but was safe. The attendant on the bus made sure we were informed and taken care of at each junction. We stopped several times to pick up locals for extra cash. Made us late.

incognito almost 3 years

was good but maybe a bit too cold and seat not possible to turn back

LIU PEIJIN about 3 years

1. I made notes in your APP with my hotel name and my phone nubmer as well as hotel reception number, why pick-up service not call me ? 2. When I went to Mekong Bus SR station, they told me 8:30AM no bus to Phnom Penh 3. Finally they changed to new bus

Maxime over 3 years

The service was great, the driver had to face some dangerous others drivers on the route but everything went good. we even arrived before time in phonm penh.