Traveler reviews for RITHYA MONDULKIRI EXPRESS from Siem Reap to Mondulkiri

Lastra over 1 year

Kate almost 2 years

Safe driver, arrived only 1 hr after scheduled arrival

Disappointing almost 2 years

This was supposed to be a VIP express bus, but it was nothing like that. Scratch the VIP because there was no space, even for a small person like me. Scratch the express also because we stopped so many times to pick up people. Ticket was too expensive.

M almost 2 years

The journey went smooth, quite long but we knew it. The driver was driving fast but we felt pretty safe most of the time. There was not much leg room but overall it was good.

Short space for legs and crazy driver almost 2 years

Punctuality was good. The driver drove really fast, too fast and we felt in danger. The space for the legs is very small.

Herbreteau about 2 years

I'd prefer if you said me it was 10 hours (not 6!). By the way, a mini van like that seems unappropriate for such a trip !

Madda about 2 years

Robin about 2 years

This was an excellent trip -- the driver was very professional and courteous. He was also careful and didn't speed! The stops were at the right times and brief enough to use the toilet and eat. I would recommend this route and company.

Adam about 2 years

Very useful and efficient service. Read lots of negative reviews beforehand, but my experience was only positive. Air conditioning was effective, plenty of leg room and three toilet breaks including one where we bought a cheap and fast lunch.

Hana over 2 years

Journey was not bad, but absolutely not VIP VAN like was written on reservation website. Driver cannot speak english and drove very fast so we cannot sleep, there was no wifi, no water and we picked up many Cambodian or some boxes during our way.