Traveler reviews for CTT Transportation from Kampot to Sihanoukville

Jenny about 2 years

The WiFi didn't worked and there were no water in the bottles. Otherwise everything was fine

mike peacock over 2 years

CTT was one hour late. They did not pick up at hotel as promised and confirmed twice. Dangerous driver constantly on his phone and nearly hit cows on road twice. No apologies for lateness or inconvenience. My recommendation, use Mekong Express if possible

Tobi over 2 years

1h 35m from Kampot to Sihanoukville and on time departure

Michael over 2 years

The bus arrived in time at the pick-up point. The seats are comfortable, the bus comes with seatbelts, AC and Free WiFi. The driver was going really fast (maybe a little bit too fast), but everything was safe. We arrived 20 minutes before schedule.

Theresa over 2 years

If you only want to get from A to B quickly, the bus is the perfect way. But just because the driver drove for one’s life and risk dodgy situations. If you want to live, don’t travel by bus.

Lukasz over 2 years

The bus for which I bought tickets never arrived. Man working at pick-up point didn't seem to be interested in helping. He just made a call, talked with someone in Khmer and told us to wait. Bookmebus phone number was off and we had to wait for 4 hours.