Traveler reviews for Mekong Express from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh

Igarashi Kakeru almost 3 years

Lisa almost 3 years

After arriving a bit early, I was able to store my pack until bus arrival. No problems passing through Vietnam/Cambodia border, as I already had my visa ... took no more than 20 minutes! Bus host very nice and happy to arrive on time!

Kimberly Christensen about 3 years

The ride was good. The border was hostile and stressful. Bribing. Not paying extra fee and being treated badly. I felt scared and stressed and afraid of Cambodia. If you want tourists to come, please treat us well and we will come back.

Vinay about 3 years

Attendant was rude when we wanted to self process our visas. Bus took on extra random passengers during the journey. Bus did not stop at Mekong Express office like the email ticket said, it only went to the bus station so we had to pay extra for a tuk tuk

Jarrett over 3 years

Very punctual and professional, however, the bus was not in good condition. Quite old with a weak aircon.

Paul Bran almost 4 years

Fare was cheap, inspector/conductor can speak english well. Only downside was that the AC seems to not wor, was a bit hot inside the bus.

Johannes almost 4 years

Mekong charges an unfair"service fee"in the amount of 5$ due to not existing fees for customs or whatever, which you usually don't have to pay, the airport.Anyways you should pay,if not,it could be that you alone spend to much time at the border...