Traveler reviews for Champa Mekong from Kampot to Phu Quoc Island

Anonym over 1 year

Not really good

Marion Duquerroy over 1 year

We had an horrible time crossing the border. The guy you hire at the border to collect our passports is corrupted. Even if I live in Vietnam and have a diplomatic passport for 3 years, he made us pay for every step. We missed our ferry. It's a shame!

Julia Miallet over 1 year

If you want to go directly to Phu Quoc, I advise you to contact directly Champa Mekong to book tickets. You don't have to go to Kampot, they will bring you directly to the border with Vietnam. In the ticket is included van + boat = 28$ Very good service

We got there almost 2 years

Was quite a comical experience...a bus full of people heading the opposite direction had to go an hour south for me to be dropped off and I sat on a stool in the mini van because it was over packed but I got there with relatively good time