Traveler reviews for Mekong Express from Battambang to Phnom Penh

Joyce about 3 years

Departed perfectly on time, but arrival was much later. Ticket said arrival at 11.17 (which I already knew couldn't be right), actually arrived at 2pm. Half hour stop along the way is too long, 10-15 minutes would have been much better

Pam langstaff about 3 years

Excellent service. Thankyou

Sarigiannidou about 3 years

The mini van was full A/C and comfortable! However, the driver drove a bit hastily, horning a lot, typical of Cambodian drivers, and so the journey was bumpy (roads not that good either) Apart from that i surely would recommend the service!

Karu about 3 years

Driver didnt speak any english. He didnt inform at the stops how long we stay and what we do. We arrived 1 hour later then planned. Bags were not checked upon arrival.

Helen over 3 years

we picked up a extra passaenger which wasn't a problem. We dropped him off a few hours into the trip. We took a turn off & came up to a gate which was open, we drove in and the gate was closed behind us. It was what I think a Islamic school. It scared me

Karolina over 3 years

90-100 km/hour in crazy traffic on bumpy roads to PP. Some bypassings were so close to dangerous that we held our breath. Whats the hurry? I'd rather have a longer trip than have to hold on to my seat, especially when mine had no seatbelt.

Peter Lang over 3 years

Mariëlle almost 4 years

Easy and cheap wat to travel from Battambang to Phnom Penh. We already booked the tickets through the internet and everything was confirmed quickly. Good service.

Bri almost 4 years

Hauschildt almost 4 years