Traveler reviews for Kampot Express from Kampot to Phnom Penh

Jan over 2 years

Departure on time, arrival as well! Three hours as expected. No chaos during boarding and the booked seat was realy booked. So far, the best bus transportation company I met in Cambodia!

Tata over 2 years

Overall service is great. The Van left 4 min ealrier & arrived as per plan. Except the nonalignment between Bookmebus & service operator on seat booking. My booked seat has been confirmed while I was asked to change seat once I arrived at the station.

Weh about 3 years


Monique about 3 years

very clean bus and punctual, smooth ride

Monique about 3 years

Very clean van and very punctual, a smooth ride

Will over 3 years

Terrifying ride. There were at least ten times we almost had a serious accident and it's because the driver was going way too fast. I know if you asked all the passengers if they would be okay with arriving 20 minutes later but safely, they'd say yes.

Becca over 3 years

Terrible. We were put right at the back of the bus, even though we had picked our seats when we booked. Very hot and no leg room.