Traveler reviews for Champa Mekong from Kampot to Phnom Penh

Gala 11 months

Bus was late over 1 hour. Little space for bags. Driver was driving while talking on the phone and did several hazardous maneuvers.

Samnang Mech 11 months

This is very bad company. They has only one car for operate multiple time. With this booking they delay my trip up to 2 hours.

steven about 1 year

Departed 30 minutes late, arrived 2 hours late.

Vith Viyuth over 1 year

I don't like this company. seat management is poor. I booked seat 4 and 5 and I finally was asked to seat at the back. no idea with this.

Vith Viyuth over 1 year

I like using passapp and it is helpful for travelers. One thing I don't like is there are very few rickshaws in Kampot so it is very difficult for me to call for them. I suggest you to have more rickshaws there.

? over 1 year

The bus was two hours late. And smelled of sickeningly of gasoline

Late over 1 year

Bus left an hour late without explanation or update from office. The bus we rode on was different from the one we'd made reservations on. Seats were cramped and uncomfortable. We arrived more than an hour late.