Traveler reviews for Bayon VIP from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville

Lucie over 1 year

Unfortunately our driver thought he was sitting in a ferrari - he tried to overtake anyone at any risk. Every time he wanted to overtake someone he was speeding till the maximum when he suddenly realized oncoming traffic and had to hit the brake very hard

Francesca almost 2 years

We unfortunately missed our bus, due to a mistake on our part by not informing our driver of our collection point, but when we tried to rearrange and find a solution the driver on the end of the phone was extremely rude and hung up on me.

Long almost 2 years

I booked this to Sihanoukville, pls note: there is no Wifi in the car, never; it took me 5.5 hrrs to reach there, and 7.5 hrs to return on Sat. Legs compartment are designed for Hobbit. If you are tall, book the seats behind driver.

AP almost 2 years

Bayon VIP did not get the reservation from bookmebus. Eventually they were able to accommodate us on the scheduled bus but made us sit in the back seats, when we had chosen different seats in our reservation.

Alessandro Frison almost 2 years

Seng Kimhong about 2 years

Seng Kimhong about 2 years

Seng Kimhong about 2 years

maria farrukh over 2 years

Really cramped up van .. too many stops and got locals that joined on Board during the journey On way back it’s big coaster and lot more better

Dejugnac over 2 years

The driver was complitly creasy he drive dangerously and it is a miracle if we are not dead