Traveler reviews for Bayon VIP from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville

Lin about 1 year

Everything is great, except that we arrived 1 hour late.

Lukas over 1 year

Very good: clean, safe, and fast!

Paul Coveney over 1 year

After hearing lots of negative reviews of the drivers on this trip I was pleasantly surprised. The driver did try to make progress in the traffic but it was done in a safe manner generally . Left 45 minutes late and arrived 2 hours late. (due to traffic)

Jackielyn over 1 year

One great service! Best county VIP can =)

From Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville almost 2 years

Bigger van so nicer but extremely cold with the A/C on, not able to lower it, not enough space for luggage in the "trunk", and arrived at least two hours later. On breaks recommend you dont come out from the bus unless you must as I almost missed the bus.

Danny almost 2 years

The trip took six hours because the driver stopped and waited many times to pick up extra passengers and packages.

Sefun Sakurai almost 2 years

The departure was 20 minutes late and arrived at Sihanoukville late for two hours than a plan. Because the driver let get in and out of local people on the way, it caused a large delay.

Nebojsa about 2 years

Late in start, full of boxes and bags, no leg room at all.

Thomas about 2 years

Great service for a very reasonable price. We were picked up (for free) from our hotel about the time the bus was scheduled to leave town and we ultimately left Phnom Penh 45 minutes late. We had 2 stops for food and restroom. We would use them again

Ebbe Juhl Jensen about 2 years

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