Traveler reviews for Bayon VIP from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh

Lin about 2 years

They departed on time but arrived 2 hours late, partly because of traffic and partly because of unreliable estimation.

murat about 2 years

was not safe. driver was talking on the phone too much

Impudence wins! about 2 years

Worst trip ever. Disrespectful driver, does his own shopping leaving everybody in the bus. One hour to late at drop off. Air-Con regulation was broke on every seat so everyone was freezing.

Not impressed about 2 years

Lack of communication. Bus poorly maintained. Staff at departure not interested in helping. Do I need go on....

Martin over 2 years

Was all good, just a bit too hot in the van.

Juan over 2 years

youssef maddoun over 2 years

very dangerous driver !

Charlene almost 3 years

Unlike all other companies I traveled with, Bayon VIP has always been punctual, as comfortable as it gets and safe. They have once again held up their part of the deal and I can only recommend them.

Johanna Boinon almost 3 years

will about 3 years

a 4 hour trip turned into 7+ ... make sure you book earlier if you plan to make to Phenom Phen to catch a flight