Traveler reviews for Virak Buntham from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville

Hussam Soliman over 2 years

Depart in time from central front river + Arr on Time in a station relatively far the city /port (about 4 km S.E. can walk? or Tuk Tuk> 2$ (avoid from st.)) + G. Double Bed SLEEPER with access & water but without: place for Hand Bag or Bathroom --> 8/10

Johanna Boinon over 2 years

Driver to loud, Cockroach on the seats Brutal stops An awful night

Alexey over 2 years

The conditioner make very cold and I'm ill now(

Nazar over 3 years

Our trip was really comfortable. I booked not direct bus but it appeared to be direct. So it was better then we expected. Great sleeping accommodation, everything was clean. Free pick-up service on a dropoff point.

Travel2017 over 3 years

If you are over 5'2 you will not be able to lie down flat. Also if you do not know who you are next too it's very intimate! Numerous stops made by driver, and ended up arriving over two hours late. Driver drove incredibly fast and had loud music on