Traveler reviews for Virak Buntham from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville

Antonella almost 3 years

the service a disaster. They left us halfway, they made us get off the bus. to continue to destination we had to wait more for 4 hours, arriving at the destination 5 hours later than planned. We had to take a taxi to get there. I would like you to return

Luca Bonasegale about 3 years

The driver stopped almost every two hours without reason. It took more than 13 hours to reach our destination. The organization was really bad

10:51 about 3 years

The worst trip on bus I have ever had. Nobody told me I would have had to stop in Phnom Penh in the middle of the night and wait for another bus for two hours more. Very disappointed.

agathe lavallette over 3 years

Never felt safe in this bus, the windows were partly cracked and the bus driver was over the limit speed. Be careful, they check every backpack during the entire journey (I got my laptop stolen)!! Avoid this company

Melissa almost 4 years

Kajsa Tonnesson almost 4 years

Nothing worked. I would like to get my money back. I will not recommend this company for anyone.

Sitruk almost 4 years

We wait more than 5 hours at Phnom Penh. The 2 drivers are inconscious they drive very fast And very bad.

Sandra almost 4 years

Operator in Siem Reap told me we would be on 1 bus entire journey. Ordered off bus in Phnom Penh. Station employees in PP were asleep. They were unable to tell me when next bus would be arriving. Very rude personnel. Ignored us. It ended up being a van.