Traveler reviews for Virak Buntham from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh

Kayla over 1 year

The driver didn’t keep us informed with what was happening. At one point we stopped three times in the span of 10 mins and had no clear direction. Half of the passengers had no idea we were in Phnom Penh.

Pochay almost 2 years

They don't communicate well. Instructions are not clear. They were late. The bus smelled like dead rat.

Kliueva Iuliia almost 2 years

It was too cold on the bus, no toilet, and no wi-fi

Nadadi about 2 years

Surprisingly a good service.The beds are ok,considering it’s a bus,we could sleep all the way through. Much better than a seat for 15 hours. Perfectly on time though they never advised where we could stop for bathroom rest. Driver was quite loud all time.

Bala over 2 years

I don’t like bribing for visa application..Also agent was asking more money

Alberto over 2 years

Your web site said we were going to arrive at 7:00 am and its not true, we arrived at 11:00 am, so I missed my 10:00 am flight.the staff is terrible. No one would help us, They would keep looking at facebook. They are very rude. The bus is dirty.

청대나무 over 2 years

처음 슬리핑버스이용했는데 충격 폭은 싱글침대 길이는 1.60쯔음 되는곳에서 2명이서 써야하는데 180인 나로써는 매우좁음. 만약 쾌적하게 오실꺼면 2자리 예약필수 당신이 여자라면 노상방뇨해야 할 각오까지 해야함. 그 외로는 매우 저렴하고 도착 시간도 나름 괜찮음 수면안대 필수

Had to share small bed with stranger, almost 3 hrs late over 2 years

I really wish i had known that the sleeper bus is booked so that each shall bed holds 2 people. The beds are too small to fit 2 normal-sized adults shoulder to shoulder. So you end up spooning with a stranger if you don't have someone to book with.

Ximena Barros over 2 years

Fernanda over 2 years

The overall was good. Just as a comment we would like to say the first bus didn't seem very clean and Wi-Fi wasn't really working in any of them. We would recommend and travel again with you for sure. Thank you!