Traveler reviews for Larryta Express from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

Nicolina over 1 year

We had booked the 4:30PM bus, but the asked if they could put us on the 4PM bus instead which was more convenient for us. We left on time and even arrived 30 mins before scheduled. The seats are comfy but not too much leg space. Would book again!

Great trip almost 2 years

The whole trip was very comfortable, leg room are spacious, they also offer bottled water and snack. would recommend it..

Gino about 2 years

Got us there quickly. Culturally different driving, however, the driver proceeded with caution and was efficient. Roads were safe, did not speed out of control. Only worries were when other drivers passing in the other lanes weren't being cautious.

Mel about 2 years

The VIP van was cramped up and there was no wifi neither snacks provided. The description and the service we got was totally different. Would not recommend to others.