Traveler reviews for Larryta Express from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

Yvonne, New Zealand about 2 years

Felt very safe the entire trip. The roads were very good, the van clean, a little cramped in the leg room (lm six foot) but had two stops to have a walk about. Would recommend this as a transport option, the countryside views were excellent.

Brit over 2 years

Driver refused to turn the air con up even though it was too hot , i asked him 4 times

It's an okay ride over 2 years

We went to siem reap from pp and it was actually okay. Not enough leg room for sure but the bus and the driver were fine. We had 2 stops for comfort and the only thing that he didn't say to foreigners how long the stop is. So we were confused. Overall ok