Traveler reviews for TCT Mondulkiri Express from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri

Cristina over 1 year

The driver drove very fast, spending most of the time overtaking other vehicles. A tire was replaced due to a breakdown, but we arrived on time.

Gabriele over 1 year

Natascia over 1 year

Jeroen over 1 year

Driver drove full speed even through villages. We had a flat tire which was fixed. Nevertheless we arrived on time. Luggage was put under the seat as, also in the space for your legs.

Mathilde Faivre over 1 year

Kendall-Hewett over 1 year

A comfortable journey, left on time and arrived on time. Driving was in keeping with the Cambodian way, two comfort breaks on the way and we shared the van with mail, parcels and anything else going our way. No problems for us and our three kids.

Efficient but many stops over 1 year

Driver seemed expetienced and confident so I wasn't too worried when he overtook other cars quite frequently. There were quite a few unnecessary stops along the way, where the van door was left open and the locals tried to sell us things and beg for money

Marin over 1 year

Greg over 1 year

Very friendly staff in TCT's offices. Experienced driver. Punctuality was affected by public holidays. Not company's fault. The driver probably tried to catch up with the delay in last section, which led to breakneck speed on the winding mountain route.

Daniel over 1 year

The driver was so dangerous. When turning left corners, he would drive entirely in the wrong lane, even on blind corners. He also overtook cars when going up hill and sped constantly. Very unsafe!