Traveler reviews for KHAI NAM TRANSPORTATION from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh

Zhen Wen Lai over 1 year

Panda1312 almost 3 years

Also, the address is definitely wrong. It has the same one listed for all of the companies, but that's not the case. That one is not on the bus company though, it's on BookMeBus. Arrived early though, and was able to get to the right spot in time.

Panda1312 almost 3 years

Arrived early and took an earlier bus, which was fantastic. Ride was nothing special. A/C worked fine and seats were clean. Staff didn't speak very much English, but no major issues. Lots of traffic, but that's understandable. Overall good experience

Arnaud Tomc over 3 years

The adress to take the bus in Ho chi Minh is wrong ! The company had move for a other place in the city. I came very early so it was ok but it is not acceptable to give a out-of-date adress for the boarding point. Thank you for fixing it.