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Traveller 63542 2 months

Great experience. Left on time, good quality van, friendly and fast driver, and safe! Best experience I had with a bus company in Cambodia.Very recommended

Traveller 62816 4 months

I just hope that they have been true to what it says on free WiFi and light snack. If not providing this, pls update your info.

Traveller 56425 4 months

The best bus company to go to Kampot. Very nice service and professianal driver. For $10 ticket you get lunch box and water! Road is bad as always.

Traveller 60778 4 months

Traveller 53941 5 months

Kathryn 7 months

The driver was nice, provided an unexpected breakfast, comfortable bus/ van

Tara 8 months


Matteo Ambrosini 9 months

Streets very shit.. so no arrive in time.. but all people know the situation in cambodia now, traffic and street very bad

Never arrived 10 months

They never arrived. Wouldn’t answer their phones. Still won’t respond to emails. DO NOT BOOK WITH BOKOR TRANSPORT. Not hopeful we’ll get our money back for a service that never happened. Useless pricks

Nic Flowers 11 months

Bokor transport were great. Nice comfortable bus with seat belts. Driver very nicely dressed, polite and friendly. The trip (with any company) is not 3 hours, it is closer to 4. There is a lot of traffic and the road very rough. Would go with Bokor again

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