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Traveller 87501 9 months

Good Driver!

Traveller 86522 10 months

The trip took closer to 4 hours, but thats ok. Driver was professional and safe, trip was uneventful, and we departed pretty much on time. The van was clean enough and quiet. No complaints ☺️

Bob Anderson 11 months

Original bus/cancelled. Rebooked. The bus never showed up and was not even scheduled to show up I had to spend $15-KEP-Kampot to take another bus The bus was in good shape; the driver good/but 100% occupancy I would like $15 credit Thanks

Traveller 65906 11 months

G 12 months

When we arrived at the bus pickup location they said that there is no bus and didn't put any effort to solve this problem. Really negative experience! Not worth even one star.

Manoj Joseph vaz about 1 year

Manoj Joseph vaz about 1 year

We have waited almost 2 and half hour, after we started complaining to book me bus they came and pick us

Traveller 108618 about 1 year

Chris Carney about 1 year

Chiao Jiang about 1 year

The bus is scheduled to depart on 7:30 and arrive at 12. However, when we got there at 7am, they told us that the schedule was changed to 8, so we waited there till 8:30 to finally set off. The bus stopped randomly during the run. And we arrived at 15.

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