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Ketya Chumnit about 5 years

M about 5 years

The bus was about 45 min late at departure, but I appreciate they accepted to pick me up from Tatai bridge. Rather safe driver and bus with good seatbelts. I wish there was more leg room.

Traveller 36674 about 5 years

Departure was late 1 hour. The driver is friendly and has nice personality. The Van was not so clean.

Traveller 36674 about 5 years

Departure was delayed 1 hour. The driver was an expert, but too overspeed.

Efficient but speedy about 5 years

New bus with functioning seatbealts, which I loved. But it is the first time I have felt unsafe because of speed in SEA. Will probably go with someone else next time, as seatbelts doesn't help much if you crash going 100 something miles per hour.

Traveller 59569 about 5 years

Traveller 50627 about 5 years

Traveller 57890 about 5 years

I recomande to travel with this company

Traveller 56084 about 5 years

delayed over 1 hour

Marcel about 5 years

No comment

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