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Haley Guest 2 days

Sothoeuth 3 days

Good customer service and skilled driver.

Traveller 35888 4 days

Saravy 4 days

car is too old and air con not cool atmospheres not so good van so dirty

Traveller 64713 8 days

Traveller 76461 8 days

Nad 14 days

The driver was driving much too fast! Lucky to be still alive

Jola 16 days

Driver seems doesn’t care other Safety driver are driving on the road especially for motorcycle drivers. You have to think other drivers the road they have family same you. Family are waiting them.

Traveller 35065 16 days

Erick 17 days

Today -30/09/2019 we were victims of abuse by the driver of the Bayon VIP bus from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh (1:00 pm). The bus driver started driving like crazy, over 100 k / h while checking his messages on the phone, at times he called or answered calls,

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