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Great journey about 2 years

A great journey. Left on time and arrived on time. Comfortable for the price

Traveller 77792 about 2 years

Ivonne about 2 years

Jane R about 2 years

We waited 20 minutes for a person who was late. He then made up the lost time and had us in Kratie in 4 hours. Amazing!!!! Especially when other transportation take 7 hours.

LE DU Yves about 2 years


Traveller 74616 about 2 years

Traveller 77792 about 2 years

Driver talked all along the way on his phone.

Traveller 77018 over 2 years

VIP van should provide a VIP service as its name.

Traveller 66366 over 2 years

Panhaka over 2 years

The service advertised the service received did not match. There was no VIP van but a taxi type that pick people up. Also, the van was too old and the regular cost would be 2.5USD instead I was chart 7.5. Such a rip-off.

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