Traveler reviews for Kim Seng Express

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Floris over 4 years

Good bus, on time departure and save drive. Perfect!

Chea Sopkeak over 4 years

The Driver and the the staff are Ok. The car are quite tiny seat to accomodate 15 passenger.

Moth Youko over 4 years

no idea over 4 years

Emanuele over 4 years

All perfect

Sofie over 4 years

clean car, safe driving, in time arrival, recommended operator

Traveller 85138 over 4 years

J.J over 4 years

The bus was late, got a flat tire, driver drove dangerously. We should receive money back for this trip.

Traveller 86375 over 4 years

The driver‘s previous Job Was the formula one that why he drove us like he’s in a racing competition

Kelsey Linden over 4 years

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