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Traveller 111580 almost 2 years

Alex almost 2 years

Alex almost 2 years

The inspector in Kampot not so friendly. Inspector I mean the guy check temperature.

Moth Youko almost 2 years

Let's Travel Cambodia almost 2 years

No extra money charged. People on the minibus were good. So was driver. Nice and comfortable. Will use more often for traveling Cambodia. Thanks.

OK Couple almost 2 years

Nice and comfortable.

Traveller 125144 almost 2 years

Traveller 124838 almost 2 years

Anna Pak almost 2 years

On arrival to bus station in Kampot we have been informed that the price we paid is for local and not for foreigner and requested to pay extra USD 2.00 which we have paid. But after checking with ticket again, see the ticket mentioned is a foreigner rate.

Александр almost 2 years

Глупо заставлять ехать в маске и проходить дезинфекцию.

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